X-Road Security Server Toolkit 4.0.0 Release Notes

Release Info

Version number4.0.0
Release date13.10.2022
Supported versions
  • 4.0.0
Supported platforms
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Official documentationhttps://github.com/nordic-institute/X-Road-Security-Server-toolkit/tree/master/docs
Source codehttps://github.com/nordic-institute/X-Road-Security-Server-toolkit
Software licenseMIT
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Changes in This Release


  • This is the initial release by NIIS following the handover from the Finnish Digital Agency (DVV).
  • Added support for the Estonia specific SkKlass3 certificate profile.
  • Changed the default profile to Ejbca.

    Please note that this is a breaking change for users migrating from version 3.0.0 or earlier. In those versions, when the profile wasn't specified in the toolkit's yaml configuration, it defaulted to the Finnish certificate profile. Starting from 4.0.0, the default will be Ejbca.

  • Changed the PyPi repository location to NIIS Artifactory.

    Please note that this is a breaking change for users migrating from version 3.0.0 or earlier. Prior to this release, the packages were available in an AWS S3 bucket. Starting from 4.0.0, all releases will be available in the Artifactory hosted by NIIS.


The following developers have contributed to the development of this release version. A contribution means at least one Git commit that is included in the release.

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Download URLhttps://artifactory.niis.org/api/gpg/key/public
FingerprintA01B FE41 B9D8 EAF4 872F A3F1 FB0D 532C 10F6 EC5B
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