Building packages fails because of an error in PasswordStoreTest


Building the X-Road packages fails because of an error in PasswordStoreTest.

The build is failing at TASK common-util:test at ee.ria.xroad.common.util.PasswordStoreTest > runTest FAILED
  java.lang.RuntimeException at


The error is caused by the locked memory segment of the password store shared memory. Either the test has been run previously under another user account or X-Road software is running (or has been running) on the same host. Restarting the host resolves the issue, assuming that the X-Road software won't automatically start after the restart.

It is not recommended to use the same host for building the packages and running the X-Road software. Building the packages should be done on a dedicated host. However, the same host can be used if the X-Road software is run inside containers (LXD or Docker).