How to Upgrade from a Non-Supported Version to a Supported Version?

Latest version and two earlier versions of X-Road are officially supported by NIIS which means that they receive bug and security fixes. When it comes to upgrades between different X-Road versions, upgrades from two previous versions to the latest version are supported. However, there are some exceptions, for example:

  • Upgrade to version 6.24.x is supported from version 6.23.x only.

  • Upgrade to version 7.0.x is supported from version 6.26.x only.

Exceptions are always documented in the release notes.

When upgrading from a non-supported version to a supported version, the upgrade must be done gradually over multiple steps. When it comes to an individual upgrade step, the source version must be listed as a supported version in the target version's release notes. It means that the version upgrade between the two versions has been tested during the release process.

For example, an upgrade path from version 6.21.1 to version 7.2.1 consists of five steps:

  1. 6.21.1 -> 6.23.0

  2. 6.23.0 -> 6.25.2

  3. 6.25.2 -> 6.26.3

  4. 6.26.3 -> 7.0.4

  5. 7.0.4 -> 7.2.1

Before starting the upgrade process, please study carefully all the release notes between the source and target versions.

It is strongly recommended to test the whole upgrade path in a non-production environment before upgrading a production environment.