What Kind of APIs the Security Server Providers?

In addition to the X-Road SOAP API for message exchange, X-Road provides several other APIs to both X-Road users and administrators. In the Security Server versions < v6.22.0 the APIs provide access to data processed and produced by the Security Server. In the versions >= v.6.22.0 the APIs will provide access to maintenance and configuration features too.

The APIs represent different API styles: SOAP, REST and JMX. Some information, e.g. environmental and operational monitoring data, is available via multiple APIs representing different API styles. Instead, other information is available via a single API.

Most of the current APIs are based on SOAP, but the aim is to favor REST/JSON in design and implementation of new APIs. For example, REST version of X-Road's message exchange API will be published during spring 2019 (v6.21.0) and a REST API for administration purposes in autumn 2019 (v6.22.0).

Below there's a list of the current Security Server APIs.

Message Exchange

Message exchange via X-Road is done using the Security Server's message exchange interface. X-Road versions <= v6.20.0 support only SOAP, but in versions >= v6.21.0 also REST is supported.

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Meta Services

Meta services provide methods that can be used to discover what services are available within an X-Road instance and download the WSDL files describing the services.

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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring provides technical monitoring information about the Security Server, e.g. details of the security servers such as operating system, memory, disk space, CPU load, running processes and installed packages, etc.

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Operational Monitoring

Operational monitoring provides operational monitoring information and statistics about the Security Server, e.g. which services have been called, how many times, what is the average response time, etc.

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Signed Document Download

An API for retrieving signed and time-stamped messages processed by the Security Server.

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The health check API can be used to ping the Security Server using HTTP to see if it is healthy and likely to be able to send and receive messages.

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Management API

Management API provides access to all the administrative features of the Security Server - all the features that are available in the Security Server management console are available through the API too. The management API is available starting from version 6.22.0 that is released in autumn 2019.