How to Set up Security Server Sidecar?

How to install and configure a Security Server Sidecar?

Beta Versions

Beta versions of Sidecar are installed following the official installation guide. The only difference compared to an official release version is that beta versions are located in a separate docker repository maintained by NIIS. Instead of using the official docker hub repository, a snapshot repository must be used.

Docker repository to be used:

Example command of pulling from repository: docker pull

Upgrading a Security Server Sidecar running a previous version to the new snapshot version can be done following the steps described in user guide section.

The only difference in the instructions would be in the step of running a container with the newer image. When passing image that should be used we need to use Artifactory docker repository path (bolded):

docker run -d \
--volumes-from <container name prev> \
... published ports and other parameters, e.g network ...
--name <container name> \<new version[-type[-variant]>