What Is the Minimum Setup Required for Trying Out X-Road?

The minimum setup for trying out X-Road is:

  • Central Server
  • Security Server
  • Test CA with OCSP and TSA
  • Test Service.

The minimum setup requires at least three hosts. Central Server and Security Server must be installed on their own hosts. Test CA with OCPS and TSA can run on the same host with the Central Server. The third host is for the test service. Alternatively, all the components may run inside LXD containers when they can all run on the same host. In that case, the minimum number of LXD containers to be used is three.

In this setup the Security Server is used in three different roles: Central Server Security Server, service provider Security Server and service consumer Security Server. For clarity, in a real use case each of the roles would be performed by a different Security Server. Using only one Security Server is OK for testing purposes.

The official documentation for setting up an X-Road test or development environment is available at https://github.com/nordic-institute/X-Road/tree/develop/ansible.