How to Change the Security Server UI Port?

By default, the Security Server UI and REST management API run in port 4000. The port can be changed by overriding the value of the server.port property.


Changing the port affects the Security Server UI and REST management API.

The value can be overridden by following these steps.

  1. Open the /etc/xroad/services/ configuration file for editing.

  2. Add the below configuration to the /etc/xroad/services/ configuration file.

    1. Note: If the file already contains a row with the XROAD_PROXY_UI_API_PARAMS variable, append -Dserver.port=<CUSTOM_PORT> to the existing variable. No not add a second row with the same variable.

  3. Restart the xroad-proxy-ui-api service.

    1. systemctl restart xroad-proxy-ui-api
  4. Try to access the Security Server UI using the new port.