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  • Ensure that the X-Road software is at version 6.20.0/1 or 6.21.0.
  • On the current server, use the admin UI to take a backup of the security server configuration and download it to a safe location.

    • Note that the backup does not include X-Road admin user account(s).
  • In order to route traffic to the upgraded server after the upgrade is complete, prepare to update your network configuration.
    •  After the upgrade, you may need to change the upgraded server's public IP address(es) to match the old public addresses and/or update DNS,  firewall, NAT, or other network configuration so that other security servers and your information systems can reach the upgraded server.
    • The exact steps depend on your network setup and are not covered in this guide.
    • Note that if the publicly visible IP address of the upgraded security server changes, you may need to contact your X-Road Instance operator and/or other members for firewall rule changes.


  • Do a clean install of security server software version 6.20.0/1 or 6.21.0 (N.B.! must be the same version from which the backup was taken) on Ubuntu 18.04 (see the X-Road Security Server Installation Guide for Ubuntu).
    • The admin UI and internal TLS certificates created during the installation process will be overwritten by the ones restored from the backup.
    • The X-Road admin user is not included in the backup (must be created manually).

  • Restore the security server configuration from the backup:
    sudo -iu xroad /usr/share/xroad/scripts/ -F -f <backup file>